20/09/2010 - 23/09/2010

This workshop aims at gaining the support of communities, groups and individuals custodians of intangible cultural heritage to the principles of the 2003 Convention by providing the necessary tools for its understanding and ‘ownership’.

The specific objectives of the meeting are:

  • to provide an overview of the 2003 Convention: its objectives, key concepts, and commitments to respect national and international cooperation mechanisms;
  • to lay the groundwork necessary for a thorough understanding of key concepts of intangible cultural heritage and the arsenal of preventive measures listed by the Convention;
  • to share past and ongoing experiences of safeguarding intangible heritage;
  • to propose practical guidance for developing backup plans;
  • to assist in the establishment of a Gabonese National Committee for Cultural Heritage.

Contact in UNESCO Libreville: Ms Yvette Kaboza