01/06/2013 - 31/08/2013

The Ministry initiated a practical field survey and inventorying of ICH elements in the Pahari communities in the villages of Khaopsi (Kavre District), Badikhel (Lalitpur District) and Thokarpa (Sindhupalanchowk District). The UNESCO template developed during the community-based inventorying workshop in Jiri, Dolkha District (January 2013) was used in the inventorying of the following ICH practices in the Pahari communities:
• Traditional carpentry and woodworking
• Maruni/Khyali Naach (dance by men in costume with ornamentation of women)
• Hasa thayagu (traditional bamboo weaving)
• Dhami-jhakri (shamanistic practices covering religious and social aspects of the Paharis)