Kite design

APCEIU, ICHCAP & UNESCO (2022). Bringing living heritage to the classroom in Asia-Pacific: a resource kit. Bangkok: UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office in Bangkok.
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This lesson plan is tailored to the 7th-grade Cambodian students, aiming to enrich their understanding of traditional Khmer kites while also fostering an appreciation for art as a foundation for the study of Buddhism. Students will delve into the historical context and patterns of traditional Khmer kites, gaining insights into the intricate artistry embedded in these cultural artifacts. Simultaneously, the teacher will introduce students to the materials and techniques used in crafting kites, guiding them through the process of creating their own. The culmination of the lesson involves students presenting their handcrafted kites in the classroom, initiating discussions and peer evaluations. This comprehensive approach not only nurtures artistic appreciation but also connects students to their cultural heritage.

Country: Cambodia

Pages in document: 190

Related project or programme: Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in Formal Education in Asia and the Pacific

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