Instructions on preparing a curricular lesson plan with integration of intangible cultural heritage (Viet Nam)

Thu, Tran Thi Thu; Xuan, Truong Nguyen; and Duc, Tang Nguyen
Thu, T. T. T., Xuan, T.N., and Duc, T.N. 2014. Instructions on Preparing a Curricular Lesson Plan with Integration of Intangible Cultural Heritage. A Guide for Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Viet Nam. Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Department of Secondary Education - Ministry of Education and Training, UNESCO Hanoi Office.
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Asia y el Pacífico

These instructions were developed in Viet Nam as a pilot project, ultimately contributing to the development of the Learning with Intangible Heritage for a Sustainable Future: Guidelines for Educators in the Asia-Pacific Region. The guidelines aim to enable teachers to incorporate local elements of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) and principles of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into teaching and learning in schools. While the pilot project reflects the country’s context and needs, it can be used as a source of inspiration for similar activities in other places. The Viet Nam instructions are designed for teachers of all subjects in primary and secondary schools, showing steps for integrating ICH elements into a curricular lesson at school, museums or heritage sites. They emphasize flexibility, creativity and appropriateness to local contexts, as well as using a participatory approach. The instructions include useful tips, as well as sample lesson plans in the areas of biology, physics, chemistry and literature.