‘Sega tambour’ de la isla de Rodrigues

Inscrito en 2017 (12.COM) en la Lista Representativa del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad

© National Heritage Fund, Mauritius, 2016

El “sega tambour” es una interpretación rítmica y dinámica de músicas, canciones y bailes de la isla Rodrigues, cuyos orígenes se remontan a la época de las comunidades de esclavos. Golpeado con gran energía, el pandero (“tambour”) es el principal instrumento de percusión utilizado. Le acompañan un triángulo (“triyang”) tocado lateralmente, así como latas de conserva (“bwats”) y mazos de bambú (“mayos”) que se entrechocan. El “sega tambour” se interpreta en todas las comunidades de la isla, tanto en los hogares como en la calle, con motivo de diversas celebraciones, ya sean oficiales o no. Los principales depositarios de esta práctica cultural son los habitantes de la isla, así como la diáspora rodriguense asentada en la isla Mauricio y otras partes mundo. La participación en l

Initiating and transmitting tambour making skills to children and youth who are keen to learn from the master tambour maker and player, Mr Louis Saint-Ange Philippe (Thiong) at Mon Plaisir Cultural and Leisure Centre
A national passion, a unifier of gender, all age groups, creed and class; Sega tambour performance organized by Tourism Office every Saturday on the streets, at the center of Port-Mathurin where the public and tourists participate.
The energetic and deep-voiced Mareshal Clecia Clair leading the chorus and hitting the bwat as the other members of this experienced and veteran group respond with enthusiasm
Stafford and Wallis of Kouloudenn group warming the tambour on a bonefire under the appreciative eyes of dancers and performers before and in between the performance at Sainte Famille village.
Stage performance of Sega tambour by Cardinal Blanc group during the workshop held in the context of the preparation of the nomination file at Mon Plaisir Cultural and Leisure Centre Rodrigues
Alpha Omega group exhibiting the 'ants on the leg' phenomenon of Sega tambour; formally dressed dancers show the art of flowing movement and the physical fitness with a natural smile that comes with it a Patate Théophile village
The composer, singer, tambour player and committed transmitter of knowledge to the youth, the Mareshal Jacqueline Allas, demonstrating her exceptional skills in tambour playing; she is a leading proponent of Sega tambour knowledge transmission in Rodrigues
Two young grand children of the well-known Mareshal Lorenza Gaspard of the famous song 'Donn mwa lamin' learning the art of Sega dancing at Lataniers village where transmission to the youth at an early age is a common practice
Bridging the gap: elders and the youth performing together in the group Pigeon Blanc at Pistaches; the young boy is playing mayos as the young girl plays the triyang under the guidance of Christian Prosper and Ah Kong Ste. Marie
Madam Lucrèce Prosper at far-end leading weekly rehearsals by Camaron group founded in 1975 and in casual outfit at Citron Donis, with a woman tambour player; the group has recorded their meetings since 1975, creating valuable archival material