Viet Nam and the 2003 Convention

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Latest news and events 

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On Urgent Safeguarding List elements

Ca trù singing



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Ratification of the Convention on

20 September 2005

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Listing of ICH

Space of gong culture

Space of gong culture (2008, RL)

On-going nomination(s)
  • 2022: Art of pottery-making of Chăm people (USL)

Backlog nomination(s)
  • 2023: Festival of Bà Chúa X? Goddess at Sam Mountain (RL)

  • 2021: Craft of making Đông Hồ Folk woodblock printings (USL)


Ms Le Thi Minh Ly<br />
Member of the National Council for Cultural Heritage

Ms Le Thi Minh Ly
Member of the National Council for Cultural Heritage

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Decree 92/2002 on detailed regulations to implement some articles of the law on cultural heritage


Law on cultural heritage

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