Turkey and the 2003 Convention

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Latest news and events 

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Ratification of the Convention on

27 March 2006

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Listing of ICH

Traditional Turkish archery

Traditional Turkish archery (2018, RL)

On-going nomination(s)
  • 2022: Traditional Ahlat stonework (USL)

  • 2022: Culture of Çay (tea), a symbol of identity, hospitality and social interaction (RL)

  • 2022: Telling tradition of Nasreddin Hodja/ Molla Nesreddin/ Molla Ependi/ Apendi/ Afendi Kozhanasyr Anecdotes (RL)

  • 2022: Sericulture and traditional production of silk for weaving (RL)

  • 2021: Hüsn-i Hat, traditional art of Islamic calligraphy (RL)

Backlog nomination(s)
  • 2022: Craftsmanship of Mother of Pearl Inlay (RL)

  • 2021: Craftsmanship and performing art of balaban/mey (RL)

  • 2020: One master, thousand masters project (Art18)

  • 2012: Aşure Ritual (RL)

  • 2012: Nomadic movement of Sarıkeçili Yörüks (USL)

  • 2012: Sabantoy, Habantoy (USL)

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