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Name, address and sourceActivities related to ICH
Байгалийн болон соёлын өвийг хамгаалах сан
Foundation for the Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage [en]
#102, Apartment 903
26th Khoroo
Bayanzurkh District
13311 Ulaanbaatar
Tel.: 976-99100184; 976-99896231
Next report due 2027
Renewed in 2023 (Activity report: English)
Accredited in 2010 (Request: English) - No. 90151
Decision-making meeting: 3.GA - 2010
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Year of creation: 2000
Budget: U.S.$632

- oral traditions and expressions
- performing arts
- traditional craftsmanship

Safeguarding measures:

- identification, documentation, research (including inventory-making)
- preservation, protection
- promotion, enhancement


Animal husbandry is a fundamental social and economic paradigm, and the
Foundation has supported special policies for improving the lifestyle of the
herdsmen. The Foundation is also trying to implement several programmes and
measures for safeguarding ICH, especially for young people. They have initiated
measures, such as organizing a national campaign over the past 2-3 years on
safeguarding traditional practices of sacred sites which cover all ICH domains
and involve all people of Mongolia. They also arrange for children to be taught
about the sites, including urban dwellers who live too far from the sacred sites
to visit them.