Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage through strengthening national capacities in Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia

  • Project budget:
    • US$ 705,581
  • Source:
    • Norway earmarked contribution to the Fund
    • Spain earmarked contribution to the Fund
  • Dates of implementation:
    • 01/03/2013 - 01/12/2021
  • Documents:
    • Progress report (11-2014): French
    • Progress report, November 2015: French
    • Progress report November 2016: French
    • Progress report 2017: French

Benefitting country(ies): Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia


The aim of this project is to assist three countries in the Maghreb sub-region in the safeguarding of their intangible cultural heritage through the effective implementation of the Convention. It aims to build a critical mass of experience and knowledge, both in government institutions and in civil society, so that the beneficiary countries will be equipped with a suitable framework ›››

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Strengthening the capacities of NGOs active in the field of intangible cultural heritage in Mauritania

  • Financial assistance:
    • US$ 94,300 granted in 2018
  • Dates of implementation:
    • 12/07/2019 - 30/07/2021
  • Documents:

Benefitting country(ies): Mauritania


The twelve-month project was implemented by the Conservation Nationale du Patrimoine Culturel, aiming to strengthen the capacities of NGOs active in the field of intangible cultural heritage in Mauritania. There are around fifty NGOs across Mauritania working on various activities related to living heritage, comprising a large part of the bearers responsible for safeguarding, disseminating and promoting living heritage. A ›››

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