Elements on the Lists

Elements on the Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Processional giants and dragons in Belgium and FranceFrance

Aubusson tapestryFrance
Scribing tradition in French timber framingFrance

Cantu in paghjella, a secular and liturgical oral tradition of CorsicaFrance

Gastronomic meal of the FrenchFrance
Craftsmanship of Alençon needle lace-makingFrance
Compagnonnage, network for on-the-job transmission of knowledge and identitiesFrance

Equitation in the French traditionFrance

Fest-Noz, festive gathering based on the collective practice of traditional dances of BrittanyFrance

Limousin septennial ostensionsFrance

Gwoka: music, song, dance and cultural practice representative of Guadeloupean identityFrance

Summer solstice fire festivals in the PyreneesFrance

Carnival of GranvilleFrance
Falconry, a living human heritageFrance

The skills related to perfume in Pays de Grasse: the cultivation of perfume plants, the knowledge and processing of natural raw materials, and the art of perfume compositionFrance
Art of dry stone walling, knowledge and techniquesFrance


Craft techniques and customary practices of cathedral workshops, or Bauhütten, in Europe, know-how, transmission, development of knowledge and innovationFrance
The Martinique yole, from construction to sailing practices, a model for heritage safeguardingFrance

Craftsmanship of mechanical watchmaking and art mechanicsFrance
Musical art of horn players, an instrumental technique linked to singing, breath control, vibrato, resonance of place and convivialityFrance
The art of glass beadsFrance