Finished broosches made by children.
© Lucia Dovalova
22 September 2021

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Slovak ratification of the 2003 Convention, the Slovak Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre in cooperation with the National Institute of Folk Culture in Strážnice, Czechia will host a webinar for Slovak and Czech-speaking teachers on 24th September 2021 from 9am to 1pm. The webinar will bring together a wide range of participants, including primary and secondary school teachers and local NGOs working in the field of living heritage.

Following the programme ‘Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage in formal and non-formal education’, this webinar introduces the resource kit for teachers further developed under the joint UNESCO-EU project ‘Engaging Youth for an Inclusive and Sustainable Europe’. Teachers and learners are invited to explore their living heritage and learn not only about it, but also with and through it. During the workshop, concrete examples will be introduced by Czech and Slovak teachers to enrich the discussions and provide inspiration for participants. The Slovak Blueprint project, pictured in this article and directly related to the inscribed ICH element ‘Blaudruck/Modrotisk/Kékfestés/Modrotlač, resist block printing and indigo dyeing in Europe’, will be presented for the occasion. The session will kick off a series of webinars dedicated to living heritage in both countries.

For all Slovak and Czech speakers, don’t miss this great opportunity to celebrate!

Visit the dedicated Facebook page for more information on this online webinar.

Girls are decorating fabric by wax-resisting print.
Dyeing fabrics blue by blue indigo.
Working team of girls, blue printers.
Pulling out the dyeied fabrics from the indigo.

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