Rara tradition in Léogâne
© Commission nationale haïtienne de coopération avec l’UNESCO
18 February 2013

An expert mission travelled to Haiti from 18 to 24 February to conduct an initial needs assessment and plan future activities for a UNESCO-led capacity-building programme for the effective safeguarding of the country’s intangible cultural heritage.

Organized with the support of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund, thanks to a generous contribution from Norway, the mission was composed of a UNESCO-trained expert, Ms Soledad Mujica from Peru, and the UNESCO Culture Programme Specialist in Port-au-Prince. The mission intended to provide an opportunity to gather around the same table the wide range of national and international stakeholders involved in safeguarding intangible cultural heritage in Haiti and pave the way for an effective and sustainable implementation of the 2003 Convention, beginning with the establishment of a solid institutional network.