Resolution of the General Assembly: 5.GA 8

The General Assembly,

  1. Having examined Document ITH/14/5.GA/8,
  2. Approves the revised Rules 2 and 14 of the Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly as annexed to this resolution.


Rule 2

No change.


The representatives of Member States of UNESCO not party to the Convention, of Associate Members of UNESCO and of permanent observer missions to UNESCO may participate in the work of the Assembly as observers, without the right to vote, and subject to Rule 7.3.


No change

Rule 14

No change.


The Secretariat shall ask all States Parties, three months prior to the date of the election, whether they intend to stand for election to the Committee. States Parties are requested to send their candidature to the Secretariat at least six weeks prior to the opening of the Assembly.


No change.


No change.


The list of candidatures shall be finalized three working days prior to the opening of the General Assembly. No candidature will be accepted in the three working days preceding the opening of the Assembly.