Decision of the Intergovernmental Committee: 4.COM 10

The Committee,

  1. Having examined document ITH/09/4.COM/CONF.209/10 Rev.;
  2. Recalling Resolution 2.GA 6 and Decision 3.COM 9;
  3. Thanks the States Parties that responded to its invitation to send written comments on the modalities and methods of facilitating the contribution of non-governmental organizations from developing countries;
  4. Notes the limited response from States Parties on this issue and calls upon States Parties that have not done so to send written contributions by 15 January 2010;
  5. Requests the Secretariat to draw up a detailed Plan of Action on the basis of these comments, to disseminate information about the Convention and the procedures for requesting accreditation, in particular among non-governmental organizations from developing countries;
  6. Further requests the Secretariat to organize in 2010 workshops and local meetings for NGOs from under-represented regions aimed at facilitating the contribution of non-governmental organizations from developing countries, in accordance with the Operational Directives concerning advisory assistance to the Committee, and to report to the Committee at its fifth session on the results of these workshops;
  7. Recommends that, when organizing the workshops, the experience and contributions of category 2 centres in the field of intangible cultural heritage be taken into account;
  8. Requests the Secretariat to prepare a funding plan for encouraging financial and logistical support for non-governmental organizations from developing countries to participate at Committee sessions, with funds from the Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund.