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Name, address and sourceActivities related to ICH
Ensemble artistique et culturel TOWARA - EAC
quartier Agla zone A
carré 3462 AA'
75 m du complexe scolaire Nôtre Dame de Laurette
maison Zounon
Tel.: 229 95 06 73 12
Next report due 2025
Renewed in 2021 (Activity report: French)
Accredited in 2016 (Request: French) - No. 90346
Decision-making meeting: 6.GA - 2016
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Year of creation: 1992

- oral traditions and expressions
- performing arts
- social practices, rituals and festive events
- knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe
- traditional craftsmanship

Safeguarding measures:

- preservation, protection
- promotion, enhancement
- transmission, (non-)formal education
- revitalization

Main countries where active:

Benin, France

• Conference through the CIOFF festivals in France on the theme: traditional knowledge about Abikou ritual practices: the fight against infant mortality in Benin;
• Creation of a 52-minute show entitled "AMADOGBE" on ICH;
• Organisation of the 14th Festival of Rituals and Masked Dance (FeRiDaMa 2023), on 15, 16 and 17 December 2023.