"My pandemic diary" is an initiative to record our memories in the middle of this pandemic times for a collaborative construction of a history for the future.
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"My pandemic diary", a virtual space for recording everyday memories

Brasil,Países Bajos
Museu da Pessoa

The Museu da Pessoa, a virtual and collaborative museum, has been concerned since the beginning with the appreciation of the history of each one. Through the registration, preservation and dissemination of personal narratives, it seeks to demonstrate that each person is unique. That each individual is a true heritage of humanity.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, concerned with serving society in the midst of this critical moment, but also thinking about how we can look at it in a few years’ time, we launched the “My pandemic diary”, a virtual space for recording everyday memories for building a collective history for the future.

The campaign received nearly 600 stories from people of all ages. Stories from different parts of the country. However, to ensure that this story is multiple, taking into account the most diverse realities and perspectives, the campaign now arrives in the Netherlands, seeking to understand: How did the pandemic affect your daily life?

From the recorded stories, a special bilingual virtual exhibition will be created to display this content. Artists / performers will create digital interventions from the collected stories. My pandemic diary is a partnership between Museu da Pessoa and the Master Performing-Public Space of Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, with the support of the Kingdom of The Nederlands.

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