МИД - Македонско Истражувачко Друштво

Macedonia del Norte

Contacto: 389 70 311 502; 38971330 192
Dirección de correo postal: Kej Dimitar Vlahov br. 15 1000 Skopje
Cobertura geográfica de la experiencia de la ONG: Macedonia del Norte

URL: https://www.mid.org.mk

Fecha de creación: 2003

Medidas de salvaguardia:

- identificación, documentación, investigación (inventarios incluidos)
- promoción, valorización
- transmisión, enseñanza (no-)formal
- revitalisación

Principales áreas de trabajo relacionadas con la Convención:

As a result of the work performed by all our members, MID - Makedonskoto istrazhuvacko drushtvo, has qreat number of information and documented materials linked with the knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe as intangible cultural heritage of Macedonian people. This is also result of visits and researches made in more than 140 villages on the territory of Republic of Macedonia and interviews with more than 2000 elderly inhabitants. Today MID's members are people that in the past, but even nowadays, are active and part of all actions related to collection, documentation, safeguarding and publication of obtained results. Recently following activities has been performed, relevant for the safeguarding and protection of the knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe as important part of the intangible cultural heritage of Macedonian people: - The first Star Map of Macedonian people completed and published; - In cooperation with the Planetarium at the Youth Cultural Centre from Skopje, financed by the Ministry of Culture of R. Macedonia, the book "Sky over Macedonia" by the author Mr. Gjore Cenev was published; - In cooperation with the national television A1, documentary show "Stars over Macedonia" - 30 minutes in length was completed and broadcasted. The show was rebroadcasted on several occasions on the above-mentioned TV channel; - 20 editions of the magazine "Vselena" ("Space") has been edited and published, each containing article from the ethno-astronomy field. This magazine was recognized and recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Macedonia to be used in primary and secondary schools as additional teaching tool; - Publications of scientific papers and participation on international scientific conferences dedicated to the area of interest, especially at those committed to comparative analyzes made on the intangible cultural heritage of other nations; - Introduction of specially designed syllabuses from the ethno- astronomy filed in the lectures organized at the only Planetarium in Macedonia, as important segment of the informal education of students and citizens in the country; - In cooperation with the National Postal Services of Macedonia, series of post stamp has been designed, finalized and published all presenting people's images of star constellations. The stamps were published as part of the activities within the European serial of stamps dedicated to the astronomy and its contribution in the development oft he culture, all part of the celebration of 2009 as International Year of Astronomy; - Initializing activities related to the nomenclature of the Solar System objects' regions and landscape, as part of the International Astronomical Union's nomenclature, all linked with the names, gods and mythology found in Macedonian people's cosmogony; - Initiating activities for including Star map of Macedonian people on UNESCO's Representative list of intangible cultural heritage; MID's activities are performed within the allocated and organized teams, encompassing competent members for each of the above-mentioned activities. Mr. Gjore Cenev is one of our the most eminent member, active in the area of collection, documentation, safeguarding and publication of the entire knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe as important part of the intangible cultural heritage of Macedonia people. Mr. Cenev is physician and astronomer, who had organized all research activities in this domain, which have started in 1982. He is also the author of the first systematized and published Start map of Macedonian people, of the book "Sky over Macedonia", as well as the most of scientific papers where he has published and analyzed all original information collected from the inhabitants of more than 140 villages, all related to the ethno-astronomy, cosmogony and ethno- meteorology of Macedonian people. In the research activates, as well as in the popularization of the ethnoastronomical data special contribution is provided by members Mr. Vancho Stojkoski and Mr. Marjan Nikolovski, who are at the same time lecturers at the Planetarium. In the analysis of the medieval old- Slavonic written materials special contribution is provided by Ms. PhD Katica Trajkova, and in the development of the documentary materials evident efforts are done by Mr. Ljupcho Ilievski, professional photographer. Great contribution in the international affirmation of the MID's work is due to the efforts done by Ms. Snezhana Damjanovska, B.A in English Language and Literature, as well as the journalists Ms. Lidija Janchovska and Ms. Valentina Atanasovska. In the international exchange of researchers, special contributions is provided by Mr. Blagoja Petrushevski. In addition, vast experience in terrain researcher is possessed by our members Mr. Dime Madzovski, Mr. Daniel Anastasov, Mr. Aco Tanevski, Ms. Elizabeta Nestorovska and twenty other ours members.


MID as NGO was established in 2003, but some members started conducting ethno-astronomical researches in Republic of Macedonia back in 1982 and are still active. From the beginning, primary objective of terrain researches was collecting from people all their believes, names, rituals and images related to stars, constellations, planets, Sun, Moon, comets, meteors. Also, myths about Earth and Cosmos creation and rules about world's functioning. Simultaneously, researches included collection of all "people's knowledge" about the atmosphere such clouds, rain, hail, thunder, wind,seasons, etc. Knowledge and practices concerning nature and Universe in line with Paragraph 2, Article 2 of the Convention are form of manifestation of the intangible cultural heritage. Researches 28 years ago started in different social system of former Yugoslavia, but even than, young researchers were organized in type of organization similar to nowadays NGOs. In 1984, manager of the researches, Mr. Gjore Cenev, with his study about ethno- astronomical knowledge of Macedonian people, presented on the VII National Convention of Yugoslavian Astronomers, raise the interest of scientific audience. Consequently, Declaration was made these types of researches to be organized for other nationalities living in former state. In coming years, our instructors were sent in Serbia, but also their researchers were made members of teams already working in Macedonia. In 1986, invited by Polish Academy of Science, Mr. Cenev, visited Poland and in town Bjaliistok conducted ethno- astronomical researches. Afterwards, already know social changes occurred in Eastern Europe countries including former state, due to what organizational establishment and research dynamics changed. In 2003, in accordance with the laws of Republic of Macedonian MID was established as national NGO. Its membership consists of, beside the Manager of the ethno-astronomical researches, numerous volunteers that continued with researches and publishing results. Organization's objectives in time grow and now along with researches and safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage there are other types of actions, which lead to discovery of the Megalithic Observatory Kokino. Today it's on UNESCO's Tentative list of the World Cultural Heritage. Entire cultural heritage is considered as basis for harmonization and development of the civic society in Macedonia.


Members of MID - Makedonskoto Istrazhuvachko Drushtvo, in a role of individuals and organized within the association have established cooperation with great number of institutions, organizations and individuals working and having links with the collection, documentation, scientific study, publication and affirmation of the intangible cultural heritage. In that direction we can mention some of our experience, such as: - researches in the ethno-astronomy filed have stared in cooperation with the Planetarium at the Youth Cultural Centre in Skopje; - methodology for terrain researches has been defined with the support from the Folklore Institute "Marko Cepenkov" and Macedonian Ethnological Museum; - researches has been carried out in cooperation with the local self-governments of more than 140 villages all over Republic of Macedonia; - researches and documentation of the data have been performed in collaboration with about 2000 elderly inhabitants of Macedonian villages, as direct bearers and transferors of the knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe as part of the intangible cultural heritage of Macedonian people; - exchange of researchers and methodology was performed with the Association of young researchers and Astronomical Association "Rugjer Boshkovikj" from Serbia; - cooperation was established with PhD Dimitar Kolev and Ms. Veselina Kolevaresearchers in the area of ethno-astronomy from Bulgaria; - cooperation with the National Postal Service of Macedonia during the publication of the post stamp's serial;