Exploring Community Gardens - How and why are they so precious to humans?

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This 9th-grade geography lesson plan is thoughtfully designed with clear learning objectives, incorporating a diverse range of digital and collaborative tools to cater to differentiated teaching and learning activities. The incorporation of Knowledge-Skills-Abilities objectives, along with corresponding assessment methods, adds precision to the instructional approach. The strategic inclusion of field trips goes beyond the traditional classroom setting, exposing students to a network of practitioners and reinforcing real-life connections to the subject matter. The emphasis on sustainable development is effectively woven into the learning process, highlighting the threat to food self-sufficiency posed by the climate crisis. The variety of activities during the field trips, from practitioner interactions to plant observations documented through photos, dialogue notes, and observation notes, enriches the learning experience. The pupils’ proposals for school community gardens not only contribute to the preservation of living heritage but also provide a platform for direct engagement with stakeholders within the school community. This comprehensive approach ensures that students not only acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes but are also well-prepared to become the next generation of practitioners in the field.

Country: Singapore