Understanding the Nature of Religion: From the Perspective of the Tripeople (Christians, Muslims, & Lumads) of Kidapawan City, North Cotabato

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This 12th-grade lesson plan, centered on multiculturalism and religious beliefs, offers a remarkable approach to fostering cultural understanding and unity among students from diverse backgrounds. By using religious beliefs as a gateway to exploring the unique cultures of Christianity, Islam, and Lumad, it not only encourages students to appreciate their own cultural heritage but also builds bridges of understanding and empathy between them and their peers. This approach of promoting cultural identity not only enhances cultural sensitivity but also raises awareness of the rich tapestry of human diversity. Ultimately, this lesson plan empowers the younger generation to celebrate and respect their own cultures while simultaneously embracing and valuing the traditions and beliefs of their fellow students, thus promoting harmony, unity, and a more inclusive school community.

Country: Philippines