Tool 5: Teaching with living heritage in a multi-cultural classroom environment

APCEIU, ICHCAP & UNESCO (2022). Bringing living heritage to the classroom in Asia-Pacific: a resource kit. Bangkok: UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office in Bangkok.
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Recognizing the inherent diversity among students stemming from their socio-cultural and geographic backgrounds, it’s crucial to acknowledge that school activities may not always align with the familiar experiences of all students, especially in the context of intangible cultural heritage (ICH). However, a multicultural classroom environment provides a valuable opportunity to explore diverse perspectives, nurture a deeper understanding of and respect for cultural diversity, and promote the principles of global citizenship education. While teaching in such diverse settings may present challenges, it can also be a powerful asset. Implementing strategies such as cultural exchange events, collaborative projects, field trips, and open discussions can transform these challenges into valuable opportunities, fostering cross-cultural understanding and preparing students for an interconnected and inclusive world.

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Related project or programme: Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in Formal Education in Asia and the Pacific

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