APCEIU, ICHCAP & UNESCO (2022). Bringing living heritage to the classroom in Asia-Pacific: a resource kit. Bangkok: UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office in Bangkok.
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This lesson plan has been tailored for 6th-grade Thai students with the aim of instilling a sense of pride in their rich cultural heritage while simultaneously nurturing an interest in the preservation and promotion of their own ethnic traditions and those of other ethnic groups, particularly among the younger generation. The primary focus will be on immersing students in the traditions, cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles of eight ethnic communities residing in the Mae Ai District, Thailand. To facilitate comprehensive learning, students will be organized into different groups, enabling them to develop various essential skills, including active reading, concept mapping, and information gathering. The integration of multimedia resources will serve as a pivotal component in both the input and output stages of the teaching process.

Country: Thailand

Pages in document: 175-176

Related project or programme: Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in Formal Education in Asia and the Pacific

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