The Heritage Education Toolkit

The Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda
CCFU. The Heritage Education Toolkit: For heritage Club's in Uganda's secondary schools and other young Ugandans. 2019.
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The Third Edition of the Heritage Education Tool Kit was produced by the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda. It is a resource book to help teachers and patrons run Heritage Clubs in their secondary schools, and to help club leaders in and out of school.

The kit has been developed to engage young people in interactive discussions on the
value of cultural heritage in present times. It contains activities for youth to explore
issues related to personal and community values, and how they can play an active role
in preserving their communities’ cultural heritage. The Heritage Education Tool Kit is
designed to promote reflection, debate and the creation of new knowledge through
skills sharing, experiential learning and information from well informed persons
(teachers, community museum initiators and managers, parents and other resourceful