The Hilali toolkit

The Hilali Network
The Hilali Network. 2020. The Hilali Toolkit., accessed 20 April 2020.
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Educación inclusiva, Enfoque interdisciplinario, Informática, Tecnología de la información

The Hilali Toolkit offers an expanding set of online resources for educators interested in adapting existing curricula or developing new programmes that focus on safeguarding intangible cultural heritage. The toolkit intersects heritage, computing science and qualitative research methods to create learning activities that prepare students to develop ‘digitally mediated intangible cultural heritage (ICH) documentation’ with local communities. Educators can also easily use elements of the toolkit for other related curricular purposes. Originally designed and tested with Bedouin communities in Egypt, the toolkit is meant to be adapted in Middle East and Arab countries and beyond. Individual resources within the toolkit are presented as hour-long learning activities that fall into a series of four pedagogical phases—discover, define, develop and deliver—each with specific learning outcomes that consider 21st century skills, potential challenges and assessment ideas.