Programa para la salvaguardia de los Bandos y Parrandas de los Santos Inocentes de Caucagua: núcleos de iniciación y transmisión de saberes y consejos comunales


Seleccionado en 2023 en el Registro de buenas prácticas de salvaguardia

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The Bandos and Parrandas of the Holy Innocents of Caucagua, Venezuela refers to street celebrations that take place on the nights of 27 and 28 December. This Afro-descendant festivity is characterized by live music and satirical clothing mocking the styles of slave owners. A safeguarding programme was developed to address its decreasing transmission through the establishment of: (a) the Nuclei of Initiation and Transmission of Wisdoms; and (b) Community Councils for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Heritage and Cultural Diversity. Created by and for communities, the Nuclei aim to strengthen oral transmission through weekly programming content, whereas the democratically-elected Community Councils are charged with developing safeguarding plans and projects. For over a decade, the programme has revitalized the festivity of the Holy Innocents and helped safeguard living heritage through activities such as trainings, community research and seminars. Its bottom-up approach emphasizes community and youth participation, intergenerational exchange and collaboration with national institutions. The safeguarding programme is based on the premise that living heritage can positively affect how people interact with each other and their environment.