Below are the files received by the UNESCO Secretariat for a potential examination in the 2019 cycle. This list includes nominations for the Urgent Safeguarding List or Representative List, proposals for the Register of Good Safeguarding Practices and requests for International Assistance greater than US$100,000.

The Committee will examine at least one file per submitting State during the two cycles of 2018 and 2019. It determined the total number of files for these two cycles to be 100 (50 in 2018 and 50 in 2019).

For the 2019 cycle, files are presented below in the order corresponding to Committee decision 11.COM 12 to have at least one file per submitting State processed over the two cycles of 2018 and 2019, and to the level of priorities stated in paragraph 34 of the Operational Directives:

  • (i) files from States having no elements inscribed, good safeguarding practices selected or requests for International Assistance greater than US$100,000 approved, and nominations to the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding;
  • (ii) multinational files; and
  • (iii) files from States with the fewest elements inscribed, good safeguarding practices selected or requests for International Assistance greater than US$100,000 approved, in comparison with other submitting States during the same cycle.

The States that do not have a file examined in 2019 will have priority during the 2020 cycle (Decision 13.COM 15).

Countries Submitted files Level of priority
1ArmeniaRLArmenian letter art and its cultural expressions (01513)(0) one file for 2018-2019
2BelgiumRLL’Ommegang de Bruxelles - cortège historique et fête populaire annuels (01366)(0) one file for 2018-2019
3Bolivia (Plurinational State of)RLLa festivité de la ‘Santísima Trinidad del Señor Jesús del Gran Poder’ de la ville de La Paz (01389)(0) one file for 2018-2019
4BotswanaUSLSeperu folkdance and associated practices (01502)(0) one file for 2018-2019
5BrazilRLCultural Complex of Bumba-meu-boi from Maranhão (01510)(0) one file for 2018-2019
6BulgariaRLNedelino two-part singing: an island with the monophonic sea of Rhodope songs (00966)(0) one file for 2018-2019
7Burkina FasoIAR+100Le renforcement des capacités des acteurs intervenant dans la sauvegarde du patrimoine culturel immatériel au Burkina Faso (01501)(0) one file for 2018-2019
8Cabo VerdeRLMorna, musical practice of Cabo Verde (01469)(0) one file for 2018-2019
9ColombiaGSPSafeguarding strategy of traditional crafts and peace building (01480)(0) one file for 2018-2019
10CongoRLLe football traditionnel et ses valeurs (01493)(0) one file for 2018-2019
11Dominican RepublicRLMusic and dance of Dominican Bachata (01514)(0) one file for 2018-2019
12EthiopiaRLEthiopian epiphany (01491)(0) one file for 2018-2019
13GermanyRLTheatres and orchestras in Germany and their socio-cultural spaces (01457)(0) one file for 2018-2019
14IndiaRLSowa-Rigpa, knowledge of healing or science of healing (01358)(0) one file for 2018-2019
15IndonesiaRLTraditions of Pencak Silat (01391)(0) one file for 2018-2019
16Iran (Islamic Republic of)RLTraditional skills of crafting and playing Dotār (01492)(0) one file for 2018-2019
17IraqRLProvision of services and hospitality during the Arba’in visitation (01474)(0) one file for 2018-2019
18ItalyRLCelestinian forgiveness celebration (01276)(0) one file for 2018-2019
19KyrgyzstanRLAk-kalpak craftsmanship, traditional knowledge and skills in making and wearing Kyrgyz men’s headwar (01496)(0) one file for 2018-2019
20MauritiusUSLSega tambour Chagos (01490)(0) one file for 2018-2019
21MongoliaRLTraditional technique of making Airag in Khokhuur and its associated customs (01172)(0) one file for 2018-2019
22MontenegroRLBoka Navy, traditional maritime organization (01507)(0) one file for 2018-2019
23MoroccoRLGnaoua (01170)(0) one file for 2018-2019
24NigeriaRLKwagh-Hir theatrical performance (00683)(0) one file for 2018-2019
25NorwayRLPractice of traditional music and dance in Setesdal. Playing, dancing and singing (stev/stevjing) (01432)(0) one file for 2018-2019
26PeruRLHatajo de Negritos and Hatajo de Pallitas from the Peruvian south-central coastline (01309)(0) one file for 2018-2019
27PhilippinesUSLBuklog, thanksgiving ritual system of the Subanen (01495)(0) one file for 2018-2019
28PortugalRLWinter festivities, Carnival of Podence (01463)(0) one file for 2018-2019
29SamoaRL‘Ie Samoa, fine mats and its cultural value (01499)(0) one file for 2018-2019
30SeychellesRLMoutya/Moutia (01487)(0) one file for 2018-2019
31SlovakiaRLDrotárstvo, wire craft and art (01478)(0) one file for 2018-2019
32SwitzerlandRLProcessions de la Semaine Sainte à Mendrisio (01460)(0) one file for 2018-2019
33TurkeyRLTraditional Turkish archery (01367)(0) one file for 2018-2019
34TurkmenistanRLTraditional turkmen carpet marking art in Turkmenistan (01486)(0) one file for 2018-2019
35UkraineRLTradition of Kosiv painted ceramics (01456)(0) one file for 2018-2019
36UzbekistanRLKhorazm dance - Lazgi (01364)(0) one file for 2018-2019
37Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)GSPBiocultural programme for the safeguarding of the tradition of the Blessed Palm in Venezuela (01464)(0) one file for 2018-2019
38Viet NamRLPractices of Then by Tày, Nùng and Thái ethnic groups in Viet Nam (01379)(0) one file for 2018-2019
39Syrian Arab RepublicRLPractices and craftsmanship associated with the Damask rose in Al-Marah (01369)(i) no element inscribed
40ThailandRLNuad thai, traditional thai massage (01384)(i) no element inscribed
41BelarusUSLSpring rite of Juraŭski Karahod (01458)(i) nomination for USL
42EgyptUSLTally in Upper Egypt (01476)(i) nomination for USL
43KenyaUSLRituals and practices associated with Kit Mikayi Shrine (01489)(i) nomination for USL
44Austria; Greece; ItalyRLTranshumance: the seasonal droving of livestock along migratory routes in the Mediterranean and in the Alps (01470)(ii) multinational nomination
45Bahrain; Egypt; Iraq; Jordan; Kuwait; Mauritania; Morocco; Oman; Palestine; Saudi Arabia; Sudan; Tunisia; United Arab Emirates; YemenRLDate palm, knowledge, skills, traditions and practices (01509)(ii) multinational nomination
46Cyprus; GreeceRLByzantine chant (01508)(ii) multinational nomination
47France; Italy; SwitzerlandRLL’alpinisme (01471)(ii) multinational nomination
48Mexico; SpainRLArtisanal talavera of Puebla (Mexico) and ceramics of Talavera de la Reina and El Puente del Arzobispo (Spain) making process (01462)(ii) multinational nomination
49IrelandRLIrish harping (01461)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
50Lao People’s Democratic RepublicRLLam Vong Lao (lamvonglao) (01488)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
51MalaysiaRLSilat (01504)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
52PanamaGSPEcological and cultural programme associated with the Armila Sea Turtle Festival (01481)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
53TajikistanRLFalak (01455)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
Priority States for 2020 cycle
54Bosnia and Herzegovina2 elements inscribed
55Democratic People’s Republic of Korea2 elements inscribed
56Oman2 elements inscribed
57Serbia2 elements inscribed
58United Arab Emirates2 elements inscribed
59Cuba3 elements inscribed
60Czechia3 elements inscribed
61Kazakhstan3 elements inscribed
62Malawi3 elements inscribed
63Saudi Arabia3 elements inscribed
64Cambodia4 elements inscribed
65Algeria5 elements inscribed
66Azerbaijan8 elements inscribed
67Mexico9 elements inscribed
68France12 elements inscribed
69Spain13 elements inscribed
70Croatia14 elements inscribed
71Republic of Korea17 elements inscribed
72Japan21 elements inscribed
73China38 elements inscribed