The UNESCO Earth Network
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25 October 2021

Many practices and expressions of living heritage are linked to the natural environment. For millennia, communities, in interaction with their local environment, have developed valuable bodies of knowledge and practices to help care for nature, protect biodiversity and manage natural resources sustainably. At the same time, many expressions of intangible cultural heritage promote respect for nature, reciprocity and reaffirm the relationship between humans, nature and culture.

UNESCO has launched a call for volunteers to join a network of experts and knowledge holders in the field of biodiversity and land restoration, environmental management and environmental law.  Volunteer experts will provide technical advice, generate data, build partnerships and provide training to share learning and knowledge on biodiversity protection throughout UNESCO’s network of designated sites and in relation to elements of intangible cultural heritage.

The network aims to restore the relationship between humans and nature through the promotion of good practices, knowledge and know-how that respect biodiversity. Indigenous peoples, women and youth are encouraged to apply.

For more information on the call for volunteer experts, it is available in English.

For more information on the UNESCO Earth Network, please see here

The deadline to apply is 29th October 2021.

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