Spinning using a wooden hand spindle
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25 October 2015

The first of three capacity-building training workshops will take place this week in the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, from 25-29 October, 2015.
This workshop will focus on the key concepts of the 2003 Convention and their implementation, through community based inventorying, safeguarding measures, and policy development strategies. It will also provide a good opportunity to demonstrate to the participants some good examples on the best practices of safeguarding ICH, as well as other projects from the Arab World.
Comprising of 25 participants from the Center’s staff and various stakeholders working in the field of cultural heritage, this will present an opportunity to elaborate and explore the status of safeguarding ICH in Dubai and understand how the Convention can support the efforts of the Center.
Conducted by UNESCO and two of its expert facilitators, this workshop is an example of a training requested and financed by an institution wishing to build its capacities to better integrate the provisions of the Convention in its activities.