01/01/1995 - 01/01/1995

The Conference was organized jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan and UNESCO with the following objectives:

  • To convene a panel of experts on performing arts and crafts;
  • To identify areas of intangible heritage in Asia and the Pacific requiring particular assistance for preservation and the necessary actions to do so, and;
  • To expand the framework of international co-operation for the preservation of intangible cultural heritage in Asia and the Pacific.

Representatives and observers from thirteen Asian countries including Japan and observers from four countries attended the conference. Participants formulated concrete suggestions for regional co-operation, modes of action, a legal framework, training and priority activities to be undertaken, and discussed the role of governments in preserving and promoting intangible cultural heritage. They also addressed recommendations to UNESCO and the national governments regarding larger la structure de cooperation their roles in actively responding to the recommendations.