22/06/1987 - 30/06/1987

In pursuance of Resolution 15.3 adopted by the General Conference of Unesco at its twenty-third session (Sofia, October-November 1985) and in accordance with paragraph 15109 of the Work Plan relating to that resolution, the Director-General of Unesco convened a Special Committee of Technical and Legal Experts on the Safeguarding of Folklore, which met at Unesco Headquarters from 1 to 5 June 1987.

The Special Committee was charged with the responsibility to prepare draft international regulations in the afore-mentioned field in order to examine the measures to be taken with a view to guaranteeing, within the framework of a global approach and on an interdisciplinary basis, the safeguarding of folklore. It recommended that an international regulation in the form of a recommendation may be adopted to regulate the safeguarding of folklore and adopted a
draft of such a recommendation.


  • General regulation for the safeguarding of folklore
    IGC(1971)/VII/19; CPY.87/CONF.002/COL.11: English