10/12/1984 - 14/12/1984

A ‘Group of Experts on the International Protection of Expressions of Folklore by Intellectual Property,’ convened jointly by the Secretariat of Unesco and the International Bureau of WIPO in accordance with the decisions adopted by the General Conference of Unesco at its twenty-second session (October-November, 1983) and the Governing Bodies of WIPO at their fourteenth series of meetings in October 1983, met at Unesco Headquarters in Paris from 10 to 14 December 1984.

The Group of Experts, which was asked to consider the need for a specific international regulation on the international protection of expressions of folklore by intellectual property and the contents of an appropriate draft, deliberated upon that need and discussed, article by article, the draft treaty, formulated and presented by the Secretariats for consideration of the Group of Experts.

In conclusion, the Group of Experts noted that the Secretariats shall further explore various aspects of a treaty for the intellectual property type protection of expressions of folklore and shall prepare a revised text, in the light of the observations made, and the advice given by the participants, also considering possible alternative means of implementing the protection. The Secretariats shall communicate this report to the Executive Committee of the Berne Union and to the Intergovernmental Committee of the Universal Copyright Convention, and shall report on the present meeting to the respective governing bodies of Unesco and WIPO.


  • Communication from the Federal Republic of Germany
    Unesco/WIPO/FOLK/GEI.1/3; CPY.84/CONF.604/COL.3: English
  • Report
    UNESCO/WIPO/FOLK/GEI.1/4; CPY.84/CONF.604/COL.4: English