Emblem of the 2003 Convention selected by the General Assembly in its second session. It has been designed by Dragutin Dado Kovačević, Croatia. © UNESCO 2008

The Intergovernmental Committee decided that the Convention needs an emblem to give greater visibility to intangible heritage and its safeguarding (Decision 2.COM 13: English|French). This emblem was chosen by means of an open international competition, overseen by a special subsidiary body set up by the Committee. The members of that body were: Algeria (Group V(b)), Bolivia (Group III), Bulgaria (Group II), France (Group I), India (Group IV) and Nigeria (Group V(a)), with Mr Chérif Khaznadar of France serving as Chairperson and Mr Eduardo Barrios of Bolivia serving as Rapporteur.

UNESCO invited entries from professional and amateur graphic designers, artists, and practitioners of intangible cultural heritage from all its Member States. Each participant could submit a single design, including a black and white and a colour version.

Reference document related to the competition: