Community-based inventorying of the intangible cultural heritage in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas

  • Financial assistance:
    • US$ 99,363 granted in 2023
  • Dates of implementation:
    • not yet under implementation
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Benefitting country(ies): Bahamas


To be implemented by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture (Division of Cultural Affairs), this twenty-four-month project aims to raise awareness about the importance of intangible cultural heritage in The Bahamas and to build local capacities to create and manage a national inventory. The project involves preparing a two-year plan to implement and ensure the sustainability of the inventory and creating an online multimedia platform to provide national access to the information and data. A national awareness campaign will be launched to engage traditional communities, academia, civil society and students and to spark conversations about living heritage. The project also entails implementing a local technical training programme, including train-the-trainer modules, to teach cultural practitioners, teachers and community leaders how to identify, define and catalogue elements of Bahamian living heritage. The trainees will then be charged with raising awareness about intangible cultural heritage and conducting inventorying exercises on an ongoing basis. In addition to identifying elements in need of urgent safeguarding, this project is expected to increase understanding of living heritage and its intrinsic value among the people of The Bahamas. It will also increase involvement in traditional cultural practices and contribute to their transmission.

01/05/2002 - 01/12/2002 – Safeguarding, Revitalization and Promotion of the Kunqu Opera