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Inscribed in 2017 (12.COM) on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

© Grupo Guijarro, Consejo Nacional de Casas de Cultura, 2016

Punto is the poetry and music of Cuban farmers, consisting of a tune or melody over which a person sings an improvised or learned stanza of ten octameter verse lines, with a rhyming scheme. There are two main variants of Punto: punto libre, a tune of free metre; and punto fijo, which can be in key or crossed. Throughout history, the element has typically been practised in the countryside, though variants now exist throughout the rest of the population. Punto is an essential element of Cuban intangible cultural heritage open to all, which promotes dialogue and expresses the feelings, knowledge and values of the communities concerned. Knowledge and techniques related to the practice are transmitted from one generation to the next, with one key method of transmission being based on imitation. A teaching programme is also organized in Houses of Culture across the country, involving workshops taught by bearers and practitioners of the element. Seminars, workshops, contests, festivals and events aimed at safeguarding and revitalizing Punto are organized throughout the country and an occupational category has now been assigned to the work of the practitioners and bearers, turning this into a way of living for many.