Al Sadu Educational Programme: Train the trainers in the art of weaving


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Selected in 2022 on the Register of Good Safeguarding Practices

© Al Sadu Society and Ministry of Education, State of Kuwait, 2018

The Al Sadu Society developed the Educational Programme: Train the Trainers in The Art of Weaving in collaboration with the Arts Department in the Ministry of Education, in order to raise awareness about traditional Al Sadu weaving among younger generations in Kuwait. A national curriculum was developed, along with training workshops to help teachers learn contemporary weaving techniques and how to transmit this traditional craft to students. End-of-year school textile artwork exhibitions are also hosted at Sadu House to showcase the programme outcomes. Since the programme’s inception in 2018, 30,959 students have completed the course, and sixty male and female art teachers from the six school districts have successfully completed the initial training at Sadu House, going on to train an additional 220 teachers. The programme has had a significant impact on students and art teachers, many of whom have demonstrated a high level of manual ability and creativity in traditional weaving. The positive effects of the programme are evident in the students’ artwork and in the teachers’ enthusiasm to instruct and arrange end-of-year exhibitions revolving around Al Sadu weaving. Other outcomes of the programme include an increase in traffic to the website, social media engagement and sales of the traditional craft.