Ms Meglena Zlatkova

Meglena Zlatkova, PhD is Associate Professor in Social Anthropology and Head of the Department of Ethnology, University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarsky”, Bulgaria. Her teaching, research and publishing activities are in the fields of Ethnology and Anthropology, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Visual Anthropology, Urban Studies, Migration, Borders and Cultural Heritage, Cultural Heritage Projects. She is experienced in the Region of South Eastern Europe and the various communities. She is a member of the National selection commission of the candidates for inscription in the Representative List of the intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Bulgaria. Her recent interests are in the field of ICH and education.

Participación en sesiones de formación:

Experiencia en:
Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Türkiye

Basado/a en:

Lengua(s) de trabajo:
French, English, Russian, Bulgarian

Esferas temáticas de experiencia o interés:
Community participation, Education, Environment, Migration, Urban areas