Mulgi puder is a traditional dish that is consumed daily in the Mulgimaa region of Estonia. The dish entails placing sliced potatoes in a pot and pouring pre-soaked barley on top. After adding a bit of salt, the ingredients are boiled until soft and then mashed. Mulgi puder is accompanied by pan-fried pork knuckle, which can be added to the mash or served on the side, or by vegetables. It is usually made for several days, as the flavour improves over time. Every family has its own way of making Mulgi puder, and community members enjoy exchanging recipes. The dish is cooked with family and friends, at work and school and during community gatherings and celebrations. It is also served in restaurants and sold in jars. The tradition of cooking and eating Mulgi puder is primarily passed down within families, but nowadays it is also taught in schools andhobby groups and through workshops organized by local organizations, community masters and the Institute of Mulgi Culture. Preparing the dish supports local food producers and sustainable consumption. The tradition of cooking and eating Mulgi puder also unites families and communities, encouraging them to take time to cook and eat together and to avoid unhealthy fast foods or snacks.

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