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ხელოვნების საერთაშორისო ცენტრი
Georgian Arts and Culture Center [en]
7 Niko Nikoladze str.
0108 Tbilisi
Tel.: +995-322 931 335; 995- 599 506 448

Next report due 2023
Accredited in 2018 (Request: English/Georgian) - No. 90390
Decision-making meeting: 7.GA - 2018

Year of creation: 1995

- traditional craftsmanship

Safeguarding measures:

- identification, documentation, research (including inventory-making)
- preservation, protection
- promotion, enhancement
- transmission, (non-)formal education
- revitalization
- other
- development of institutional base, capacity building, creation of economic bases, awareness raising, advocacy on state level for integration into existing state policies

Main countries where active:


GACC mission is: Preservation, promotion and sustainable use of Georgian Culture and Cultural Heritage; Supporting development of Georgian crafts and cultural industries; Fostering the studies of Georgian Culture and support the integration of Georgian scholars in international scholarly work; Strengthening economic viability and self-sustainability of cultural institutions, culture based small and medium businesses, and individuals working in the field of arts and culture; Fostering the international relations and cultural exchange; Educational activities in the field of culture; Innovative approaches to exhibition activities. To achieve these goals GACC runs 4 main programmes: (a) Cultural Industries & Heritage Crafts Development; (b) Safeguarding of Georgian Cultural Heritage; (c) International Initiative for Georgian Cultural Studies; (d) Exhibitions and Gallery Activities.
Cultural Industries & Heritage Crafts Development programme’s primary focus is safeguarding and development of Heritage Crafts, as an integral part of Georgian Intangible Cultural Heritage. The programme is dedicated to preserve heritage crafts traditions, ensure their transmission from generation to generation, to raise awareness of Crafts traditions preserved on the territory of Georgia as an intangible heritage within youth and wider society locally and internationally, to create the institutional and economic base for its sustainable development. GACC acts for the recognition of cultural heritage and heritage crafts among it, as an important agent for the preservation of cultural diversity, mutual understanding and social inclusion as well as force for sustainable economic development. GACC project "Heritage Crafts Initiative for Georgia" won EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2017.

GACC works in the field of safeguarding Georgian Heritage Crafts since 1995. In 2012-2016 the centre, in frames of EU funded projects implemented the consistent measures and reached the significant positive shift in the field of preservation the heritage crafts in Georgia. The process involved:
Elaboration of study methodology and provision the countrywide studies of the Heritage Crafts sector in all 3 Caucasus states: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan; The study was the first inventory of Heritage Crafts sector for these states. It provided detailed baseline information on legislative, institutional, economic aspects, also deeper analyses including demographic characteristics, industrial structure, market analyses, system of transmission of knowledge etc.
Elaboration of development strategy and recommendations for Georgia regarding organisational structure, legal base, educational system, awareness raising and commercial development of the sector.
Practical steps to ensure the safeguarding and development of Georgian heritage crafts which included measures within 5 main clusters:
- Institutional developments and building capacity of Heritage Crafts actors including establishment and capacity building of Heritage Crafts Association, educational and training programmes for the crafts actors, small grant scheme for improvement of technical base of crafts sector etc.
- Advocacy and awareness raising campaign of Heritage Crafts: trainings of local authorities, roundtable meetings with state and non state actors to advocate inclusion of cultural industries and heritage crafts in the relevant strategic documents, programmes; provision of conferences and seminars concerning safeguarding of intangible heritage; media campaign to raise awareness and ensuring visibility of Heritage Crafts and local masters, establishment of contest “Craftsman of an Years” to promote the notable Georgian Craftsmen, advocated establishment of national system similar to UENSCO "Living Human Treasures".
- Creating opportunities for informal education in crafts for representatives of young generation, with the special focus on rural areas and endangered crafts fields. Project offered small grants to crafts makers to transform their workshops into an education centres. 21 workshops across the country were renovated and equipped to ensure hands-on training and passing of traditional skill from older generation to youngsters (each workshop trained from 5 to 10 apprentices, with total 150 people). These centres continue their function as educational hubs, where the number of beneficiaries will increase each year.
- Safeguarding of endangered crafts traditions through the documentation, awareness raising, revealing problems and support in revitalization of techniques. Measures also included informal education as mentioned in section (c).
- Fostering economic potential of heritage crafts: market development through establishment of Tbilisi International Summit of Crafts and Design “EthnoFest”, supporting establishment of the net of museums shops, training modules in product development and business skills for crafts actors, creation of crafts business manual etc.
In 2016 GACC efforts in the transmission of Heritage crafts skills to the new generations and public awareness activities were awarded EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2017.

GACC treats the heritage crafts of indigenous communities, groups and individuals as a valuable part of Georgian and world's culture and contributes to the safeguarding and development of their traditional heritage.
Understanding the importance of local communities and individuals for the safeguarding intangible cultural heritage GACC maintains close contact with different communities and groups living in Georgia. It has more than 600 crafts actors among them IDPs, household women and other vulnerable groups. During the sector study GACC conducted face-to-face interviews to reveal the existing problems and to identify variation of needs from one region or technology to another. Center systematically conducts the round table and consultation meetings with crafts actors in different regions of Georgia to better reflect the local needs. Center cooperates with indigenous communities for creation new product lines, implementation joint projects and exhibitions, supports grass-roots initiatives It also offers crafts community members the organisational platform for the implementation of joint actions targeted local needs and constrains. At the same time GACC includes crafts actors in the stirring committees of ongoing project with the view of bringing the knowledge of local situation and local expertise into the ongoing actions.
GACC also actively cooperates with Heritage Crafts Association, which is the only membership body in the crafts sector in Georgia.