Resolution of the General Assembly: 1.EXT.GA 3

The General Assembly,

  1. Having examined document ITH/06/1.EXT.GA/CONF.203/3,
  2. Recalling  Resolution  1.GA 3 adopted  at its first session  in June 2006,
  3. Expresses appreciation for the generous decision of Group V(a) to cede one seat voluntarily to Group I, on an exceptional basis and on  the  understanding   that  this  decision  is  not  linked  to  the immediate establishment of an upper limit at this meeting,
  4. Decides   to  examine  the  issue  of  the  upper  limit  at  the  next ordinary session of the General Assembly. If a decision is taken on this issue, it will be adopted by a simple majority.
  5. Decides   that,   for   the   purpose   of   the   election   at   its   first extraordinary session, the six seats are distributed among the electoral groups in the following manner: Group I (1); Group II: 1; Group III: 1; Group IV: - ; Group V(a): 2 and Group V(b): 1.