Young Congo group dancing and playing the drum during the Congo's Pollera Festival in Portobelo
© MICI, 2016
17 October 2023

Adopted on 17 October 2003, the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage celebrates its 20th anniversary today.
With 181 States Parties, the 2003 Convention has achieved a near-universal reach and expanded the concept of cultural heritage to highlight the importance of living heritage safeguarding.
Intangible cultural heritage includes knowledge, practice or living expressions transmitted from generation to generation that are identified, cherished and safeguarded by communities themselves.
Over the past twenty years, the immense diversity of living heritage has been demonstrated, together with its crucial role in bringing people together and fostering mutual understanding. At the same time, communities around the world continue to experience safeguarding challenges.
The celebration of this important anniversary is an opportunity to take stock of the achievements of the 2003 Convention and to reflect on the future directions and the power of living heritage for ensuring sustainable human development and peace.

Let us join hands in celebrating this anniversary – We are #LivingHeritage!

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