The working documents for the 16.COM are ready!
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16 November 2021

The working documents for the 16th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (16.COM) are now online. They include, amongst others, the recommendations of the Evaluation Body for the 2021 cycle, the Internal Oversight Service (IOS) Evaluation of UNESCO’s action in the framework of the 2003 Convention, the proposed revisions to operational directives for the listing mechanisms of the Convention and the report by the Secretariat on its activities.
The Secretariat takes this opportunity to remind participants and the general public that the 16.COM will be chaired by Mr Punchi Nilame Meegaswatte (Sri Lanka), and that it will be held in at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, from 13 to 18 December 2021.
As the start of the meeting is fast approaching, those participants who are not yet registered are invited to do so online and before Tuesday 30 November 2021.
Whilst the meeting won’t be taking place in Sri Lanka, UNESCO Secretariat once again joins the Members of the Committee to express sincere gratitude for Sri Lanka’s generous offer to host and their continued involvement in the preparations of the Committee session.


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