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11 October 2012

For the first time since their ratification of the 2003 Convention in history, Sao Tome and Principe brought together a range of key stakeholders to give a boost to the safeguarding of its living heritage. The representative from governments and civil society discussed the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in light of the local realities and communities, paving the way for required policy revision and action as well as the establishment of a national committee to stir the process.

Along with Angola and Mozambique, the country is benefitting from Norway’s generous contribution to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund. Over a period of two years, UNESCO will be supporting this three countries in revising their policies, legislative frameworks and developing capacities for inventorying the intangible cultural heritage present on their territories. Bringing in Brazilian experts, trained to deliver the capacity-building curriculum developed by UNESCO, will furthermore reinforce South-South cooperation. For more information click here.