Fumiko Ohinata, the fourth Secretary of the 2003 Convention
2 April 2024

The Secretariat of the 2003 Convention is from now on headed by Fumiko Ohinata.

With a doctorate in African archaeology and anthropology, Fumiko started her UNESCO career at the World Heritage Centre, then worked as cultural officer in the field offices in Addis Ababa and in Nairobi. After joining the Secretariat of the 2003 Convention in 2012, she became the unit head in 2015, responsible for intergovernmental relations and international cooperation mechanisms under the 2003 Convention.

As she embarks on her new position, Fumiko is determined to take the 2003 Convention forward:

‘The recent celebration for the twentieth anniversary of the 2003 Convention allowed us to take stock of the important progress made in terms of safeguarding living heritage and raising visibility of its importance. Going forward, we would like to further explore the relevance of intangible cultural heritage for sustainable human development by undertaking comprehensive thematic initiatives, and making sure the voices of communities are brought to the fore and taken into account’.

Highlighting the team spirit at the Secretariat, Fumiko also says

‘The Living Heritage Entity team looks forward to working closely with all stakeholders of the 2003 Convention and to nurture its extensive networks which form the ‘Living Heritage Family’.’
UNESCO’s Living Heritage Entity team – March 2024

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