Abu Dhabi strengthens its capacities to inventory living heritage

  • 10 April 2019

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The Abu Dhabi Department of Tourism and Culture is taking active steps in supporting the implementation of the 2003 Convention by hosting a community-based inventorying workshop for its staff, from 14 to 23 April 2019 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Bringing together 27 participants from the Department’s staff, the workshop aims to equip the staff of the Department with knowledge and skills to design and implement an approach for community-based inventorying based on the collective commitment of relevant stakeholders and adapted to the particular situation of communities in Abu Dhabi.
The workshop will focus on issues of ethics and responsibilities, techniques for information generation, as well as how to organize data from inventories in order to elaborate safeguarding plans.

The training will also include a field practicum with the participation of intangible heritage communities and practitioners in Abu Dhabi.

Conducted by UNESCO expert facilitators and supported by the Abu Dhabi Department of Tourism and Culture, this tailored workshop is an example of capacity building at an institutional level aiming to better integrate the principles of the 2003 Convention in its activities at the local level.