Visite par les élèves du Musée national de la République démocratique du Congo. Apprentissage de l'un des instruments traditionnels utilisés pour la Rumba congolaise
© Etienne Kokolo, Kinshasa, République du Congo, 2020
23 May 2023

UNESCO is bringing together a diversity of voices around crosscutting issues in culture and arts education during a multistakeholder dialogue taking place in Paris (UNESCO Headquarters) on 25 and 26 May 2023. The place of living heritage in culture and arts education will be part and parcel of the discussion.

Through this unique platform Member States, policymakers, IGOs, NGOs, academia, cultural and education institutions, educators, artists and cultural professionals and the private sector will establish an interactive dialogue during ten thematic panels ranging from context-relevant education to digital technologies and artificial intelligence. The discussions will feed into the future UNESCO Framework on Culture and Arts Education, and will create a momentum through a broad mobilization in the run up to the UNESCO World Conference on Culture and Arts Education.

This initiative is framed within UNESCO’s commitment to developing strategies that strengthen the culture and education nexus and contribute to building societies that are inclusive, peaceful, resilient and innovative. Under the 2003 Convention, the Living Heritage and Education programme promotes learning and teaching with and about intangible heritage to support transformative education while improving living heritage transmission and safeguarding.

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