The media help raise awareness of the importance of intangible cultural heritage, its role in social cohesion and sustainable development.

  • Asahi Shimbun

Through a partnership agreement signed with UNESCO in August 2008 for a period of five years, Asahi Shimbun, publisher of one of Japan’s top daily newspapers mostly circulated in the world, increases public awareness about the importance of cultural heritage intangible. Asahi conducts surveys and publishes in its news (through its partners) articles on the intangible cultural heritage in the world, while making available the collected photographs and audiovisual materials to the communities concerned. Asahi also organizes international symposia, seminars, exhibitions and other events to a greater awareness of the importance of safeguarding intangible heritage.

  • Dong-A

UNESCO and the publisher of the leading newspaper of the Republic of Korea, Dong-A, signed in 2010 a partnership agreement for a period of one year to raise public awareness on the importance of cultural and natural heritage. Under this partnership, Dong-A has published a series of articles and reports in print media by translating them into English, Japanese or Chinese, while making available photos and audiovisual material collected to the communities concerned.