Any researcher or reader of scientific publications is invited to contribute to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention Research Bibliography (ICHCRB). Before doing so, you only need an account on the 2003 Convention Knowledge Management System, and declare your interest in doing so from your personal account (tab ‘Research activities’).

1- Set up an account on the ICH website if you don’t have one

You still can’t contribute after doing this? You may have to log out and relog to benefit from your new rights. Otherwise contact us.

  • If you don’t have an account on the ICH website, please create one, validate it and complete the data under the ‘research activities’ tab;
  • If you have an account but cannot see the ‘Add a bibliographic reference’ button, go to personal account page and complete the data under the ‘research activities’ tab.

2- Click on ‘Add a bibliographic reference’

Add a bibliographic reference

You can suggest the inclusion of a new reference in the bibliography cliking on the ‘Add a bibliographic reference’ button from the home page of the bibliography, above the list of references.

In the case of edited volumes or journal thematic issues, please favor the inclusion of references to individual chapters or articles rather than to the whole volume or journal issue.

3- Select the type of bibliographic resource and complete the record

Please make sure that the document falls within the scope of the bibliography, and that it is not already in the bibliography.

If you have doubts on the way to fill in the information in specific fields, please refer to the data structure.

Please include whenever possible summaries and the URL of the document.

4- Index the document

Please index the bibliographic reference that you are suggesting according to the following vocabularies:

Indexing will maximize the usefulness of the references collected and ensure that the information can be retrieved in different languages.

If the document provides information regarding specific countries
If the document deals with one or more elements inscribed on the 2003 Convention lists
General concepts relevant for the scope of this bibliography
International frameworks
To define in which language this document is available

5- Load the full text version

The public has access to the bibliographic record but not to the full-text.

The provision of the full text version is optional, but recommended. The full-text will be accessible only to reviewers, so that they can assess whether it falls or not under the scope of this bibliography.

Once the contribution is entered, it is subject to review before it is included in the public bibliography (it may require several weeks).