06/05/2013 - 10/05/2013

A capacity-building workshop on the implementation of the 2003 Convention at the national level is being organized in Les Cayes (Haiti) from 6 to 10 May. This is the first activity specifically benefiting Haiti within the regional capacity building project in the Caribbean, supported by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund thanks to the generous voluntary contribution of Norway.

For four days, about twenty participants from the South Department of Haiti will be receiving intensive training on the objectives, key concepts and international mechanisms of the 2003 Convention as well as on the national obligations of States Parties. Conducted by two members of the network of UNESCO-trained experts, Ms Soledad Mujica (Peru) and Ms Claudine Augée Angoué (Gabon), the workshop also aims at stimulating greater coordination of the different stakeholders working in this field, both at the institutional and the civil society level, by emphasizing the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage as a means through which development can find appropriate and sustainable ways.