01/09/1997 - 21/04/2024

The seminar was held in Mexico City in September 1997 with the following objectives, which were based on responses from questionnaires concerning the application of the Recommendation, submitted by eleven countries of the Latin American and Caribbean region. Experts from sixteen countries took part in the seminar:

  • conducting a detailed analysis of the main aspects of traditional and popular culture in the region;
  • setting up lines of action to allow ethnic groups and other communities fully to express their creativity and cultural identity;
  • establishing cultural policy to promote traditional and popular culture in line with the Recommendation; and
  • setting out general orientations and particular projects within a regional strategy of enlarged cooperation amongst states.

The seminar concluded the following:

  • the importance of using democratic processes in the region for combining the safeguarding of traditional culture and folklore with the peaceful coexistence of peoples;
  • the encouragement of community participation in such programs through processes of regional, municipal, and provincial decentralization; and
  • recognition of the fact that the creators, bearers, and transmitters of, and specialists in diverse disciplines related to, these cultures are all essential to success.

The establishment of the Center for Popular Cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean in Mexico was confirmed with two sub-centers in South America and one in Central America. It was proposed that a meeting of the cultural authorities of the region be held in Bolivia in 1999 to discuss the conclusions of this regional seminar and the application of the Recommendation in the region.