26/07/2004 - 27/07/2004

Following the joint organization of two international conferences “Dialogue of Civilizations” (2001), and “Globalization with a Human Face – Benefitting All” (2003), UNU and UNESCO pursued their exploration of the links between increased global interaction and human development through the organization of a third international conference, “Globalization and Intangible Cultural Heritage – Opportunities, threats and challenges”, held in Tokyo, 26-27 August 2004.

Published report of the Conference (English) - contains all elements mentionned below
Table of content:

  1. Introduction (English)
  2. Summary and conclusions (English)
  3. Overview - 4 papers (English)
  4. Opportunities: renewed dialogues, a stimulus for creativity and understanding - 2 papers (English)
  5. Threats: homogenization, erosion, conflicts - 4 papers (English)
  6. Challenges: making use of opportunities countering threats - 5 papers (English)
  7. Annex - including Background paper (English)