05/12/1973 - 11/12/1973

On 22 May 1973 the Director-General of Unesco received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religion of the Republic of Bolivia a communication (No. D. G.O.I/1006-79 dated 24 April 1973) accompanied by a supporting memorandum proposing that consideration be given at the international level to a special Instrument for the protection of the folk arts and cultural heritage of the various nations of the world.

The Intergovernmental Copyright Convention is invited to review this matter in the light not only of the proposals embodied in the annexed communication from the Govemment of Bolivia, but also of the results of the Committee of Experts Charged with Drafting a Model Law on Copyright for Developing Countries in Africa (document IGC/XII/6).


  • Proposal for international instrument for the protection of folklore
    IGC/XII/12; LA.73/CONF.005/12: English
  • Report submitted by the Secretariat and adopted by the Committee
    IGC/XII/17; LA.73/CONF.005/17: English